Break Down The Room - Holiday Edition

Break Down The Room - Holiday Edition

Every couple years it's time to buy new holiday decor to spruce up the living room, and it makes me SO happy every time! I love this small cozy living room. 

We're breaking it down with some Amazon dupes so you too, can switch up your decor! As always, we're looking for quality items (4+ star ratings), and has Prime shipping so it gets to you fast! I've also got a handful of items that go from season to season so you can repurpose throughout the year. 



How cute are those little homes on the mantle? SO CUTE, though I don't have the real estate in my own home (TV is above our fireplace) so I'd put them on a side table, or even a bookshelf. 



My mom found the best knitted stockings for me last year, and I LOVE them! There's something about a neutral stocking with texture that makes me feel so happy. Here's a couple of my faves, but also a couple with have some color. 

Don't forget your stocking hooks, too! 


I personally think indoor wreaths can be so inviting if placed in the right areas. My nana used to make wreaths when I was a kid, I vaguely remember her selling them to her friends and family and having little parties to display them. I remember a particular year when I walked into her home and they were displayed everywhere, lining the staircase and a walkway overhead that looked down into the formal dining room area. Since then, I've been a believer that an indoor wreath can exist and work well!

Don't forget to add some candles, and to add just something a little special, I recommend wooden ornaments. They're light so you can use some white tape and let them hang down, or whatever color your mantle is. I also personally use this tape to hide ugly cords so everything blends right in!

Cozy Corner

Nothing says a cozy corner quite like a comfy blanket, a pillow filled with feathers, and baskets full of holiday goodies! I've got a couple blanket options, one that is weighted and will make you feel like you're getting a warm hug, and another regular blanket because well, weighted blankets can be expensive and not all of us want to spend big bucks on a blanky. 

Do yourself a favor and get throw pillow inserts, that way you're decor pillows will stay the same and you can switch out the covers for them. I used to go to Home Goods and get pillows I loved, then when I wanted a color change realized I couldn't just slip off the cover and put something new over it. Warning with this though, measure your pillow inserts before buying covers!


I'm including my favorite Chai Tea that I've been buying on Amazon since November 2016 because who doesn't want a hot cup of something while cozying up in a cozy corner!


I LOVE BASKETS! I have a massive one right next to our fireplace that holds our heater blanket, and the knitted blanket I tagged above. I tend to go for round baskets as I think they soften up a space. 

Thanks for going along this Break Down The Room journey with me, this one was so fun and we've got some great priced items in this list that can really bring some holiday cheer to your space!

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