Coffee Table Vases, Foliage, & Trays

Coffee Table Vases, Foliage, & Trays

A coffee table should be functional while also bringing warmth and personality to your space! Let's take a look at a few items that can be added to your coffee table to give it personality!


If you have a smaller coffee table look for vases that you can slightly see through, materials like glass or acrylic, as this leaves the space feeling more open. If you have a larger table to work with, use vases you can't see through, materials can include clay or ceramic items. Items that are opaque feel more "solid", meaning they can feel like they take up more space and feel heavy so if you opt for them make sure you've got the space for them to not feel like a heavy rock sitting in your area. You can also mix it up, if you've a smaller space but still want an opaque vase, go for a small one that doesn't take up a lot of room. We have quite a few options for both scenarios that I love! 



Let's talk Foliage, and let's start with the base and build ourselves up. If you're opting for a vase that you can see through and isn't completely solid, I'd suggest using some rocks or pebbles at the bottom of your vase so there's something visually weighing down your vase before you put any stems in.


After that, or if you're using opaque vases, we'll move onto stems. 


Take out your tape measure, friends! We want to ensure you don't have stems that are too big for the space. Make sure you measure up so you can still see your TV, if you have chairs or couches that are across from the coffee table make sure you can still have a conversation without moving your head to the left or right to avoid the height of your foliage.  


This goes back to our see through conversation from earlier, to keep your space feeling lighter, opt for a less dense item to fill your vase. I suggest olive branches or eucalyptus, the stems look more wispy. If you're going for a denser look I like dried pampas, it feels and looks wispy in texture, but gives off a more dense look when bunched together. 



I absolutely love a look of a tray!

Side Quest: I currently have two small trays, one on my side coffee table and one on a plush storage stool that lives next to the couch. They are small, but they work for the space we have. I have these beautiful square marble coasters that live in them, I then switch out candles and seasonal knick-knacks on them, they are so versatile! Here are the small trays I have along with the coasters. 

If you have the space for a tray on your coffee table, try it out! I like the visual appeal of switching up the shape. If you have a round coffee table, go for a square or rectangular tray, and vise versa. It gives some interest to the space, you can put your vases in this tray if you'd like, or keep it off to the side. I love candles on a coffee tables, but always be aware of your flame and your foliage, if you've got hanging foliage, skip the candle and opt in for smaller knick-knacks that can skip out on the flame. 

This is also a time you can bring in some color, I've been obsessing over olive green, it's neutral enough but still brings in a pop if you're staying in the neutral palette zone. 

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