Styling Your Bookcase

Styling Your Bookcase

I love a bookcase! Big bookcase, small bookcase, filled bookcase, or minimalistic bookcase, they add so much character to a room and often are great conversation starters when talking about authors. 

Make sure you MEASURE! I can't say it enough, if you skip out on measuring your space, you'll be so excited to get your items, and BAM, they don't fit your shelves. Help me, help you to not be sad, and measure everything before ordering!

Small vases, book ends, & little knick-knacks, check out my favorite bookcase items from Amazon below! 



To have a more cohesive bookcase, you can cover your books with pretty paper if you're so inclined to go the extra mile for the aesthetics

I'm adding neutral options, but also some some pops of color, if you're decor is going to be pretty neutral opt in for some color on your books if you're going to wrap them. 

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