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Build Your Box - One Time Purchase - No Subscription

Build Your Box - One Time Purchase - No Subscription

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Build your own box: Our favorite Tasklett items now available to mix and match for a one-time box with 6 items. A great option for holiday shopping this season! 

Pick a Notebook: Pink Adventure, Mini Mint Mandala, or Brown Mandala

Pick a Pouch: Love, Enjoy the Waves, or Breathe

Pick an Accessory: Peppermint Candle, Kisii Soapstone Bowl, or Kisii Soapstone Plate

All boxes include 2 White & Gold Bow Pens

All boxes include an Imperfection Notepad: A notepad made from the scraps of a letterpress print shop. Each page varies in thickness, colors, and may have miscellaneous impressions, pencil marks, or slight imperfections. 

Kisii Soapstone Bowl & Plate: Hand carved from one piece of soapstone with a machete then wet-sanded smooth. Some remain their natural stone color and others are dyed bright colors and etched. By purchasing this piece you are partnering with artisans in Kenya to create employment opportunities. 

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